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My self care program is designed to help you develop a regular massage maintenance routine.

Relaxing Massage



Start the Program by booking a regular, full priced massage session.

If you come back within four weeks you save on your massage.

Self Care for a 60 minute session will be $80.00

Self Care for a 90 minute session will be $120.00


*Depending on your needs, additional techniques (Maximum 2 combination per session) such as hot stone, rapid tension release, dynamic cupping with red light therapy (*extra charge) and an application of Elixinol Topical CBD cream or gel may be used during the session.



As long as you come back every four weeks, you will still be in the program.  If you don't make it within 4 weeks, you will automatically be dropped from the program.  However, you can always restart the program by booking a full price massage.








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