Did you know that therapeutic massage has the natural ability to eliminate most or all of the discomfort in your body without the use of drugs or medication?

Many times people will have pain in their body for years and not even remember what may have caused it.  These effects alter the way we move about in our daily lives.  They change the way we stand, sit and sleep.  In fact some people lose sleep due to some nagging pain that won't allow them to fully relax which in turn might cause frustration building even further pain down the line.

Suzanne Starkey, CMT 

Having spent 10 years as a doctor's assistant to a chiropractor, Suzanne became fascinated with the healing abilities of the human body.  Suzanne has been working as a massage therapist since 2009.  She found that massage therapy helps promote good health. Suzanne has dedicated  her life to helping people relieve stress from day to day life.